Could three artists with very different styles and temperaments be able to create a cohesive painting which documents the events of two days? The expectation was probably not.

However the answer became yes as the women found themselves fusing into a singular creator.

In The Sentient Painting, 3 artists painted 1 painting over 2 days. The event became an inverse of the surrealist game the exquisite corpse.

The It List

San Francisco Magazine, July 7, 2008

Three female artists, 48 hours, and one canvas: It's going to get interesting when Erin Gallup, Betty Blake, and Kristie Rolke Smith take part in a live art installation, "The Sentient Painting." The artists will interact with viewers as they work for two days straight and let the creativity fly.

the sentient painting

A collaboration with Betty Blake and Kristie Rolke Smith
Friday July 12, 2008 - Sunday July 14, 2008
Live Worms Gallery, North Beach, San Francisco